B2B Terms & Conditions

          1. Welcome to Tappo, the only App you’ll ever need!

        We are glad you decided to join us in making doing business in the digital age quick, easy, and affordable.

          1. About Tappo

        Through Tappo, you can easily digitise your services by:

        1. Setting up your own ecommerce platform and:

          1. list, price, and sell items.

          2. Receive and confirm reservations.

          3. Make and Receive payments.

          4. Receive delivery and take-away orders, with the option to adjust your prices based on your clients’ distance.

        2. Market your business:

          1. You can promote your services and offers to Tappo’s registered users.

          2. You can offer discounts for your services to Tappo’s registered users.

        1. The Tappo App

          1. The “Tappo App” refers to the software application and services available through “Tappo” (hereinafter also referred to as ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’), to set up your own e-shop using Tappo’s platform and access Tappo’s payment tools, and market your business. Services may vary.

          2. Tappo is supported by Apple iOS and Android OS devices (specifically, IOS 11 and Android 5.1 or later) .

          3. We are constantly evolving and we may add new features or alter already existing features of our app. Depending on the nature of these, you may have to update your version of Tappo through the App Store or Google play and agree with a refreshed version of our terms & conditions to continue using our services.

          4. Tappo may partner with third parties or providers or suppliers to efficiently provide its services. Tappo will only collaborate with partners, external providers, or suppliers that uphold equivalent to Tappo or stricter information security and privacy policies and procedures and will do so lawfully.

          5. We take reasonable steps to ensure that our providers, partners, and suppliers are reliable prior to entering into a relationship with them. However, they are independent legal bodies and we cannot control and hence be responsible for unfavourable outcomes due to their activity or lack of.

          6. Upon registration, you and your team, where applicable, will be asked to undergo an identity verification procedure. We need this for us to meet what is expected from us by law. We will ensure that this is conducted in a safe and secure way and that your personal data remain protected. For more information on how we do this, please read our Privacy Policy.

          7. During the verification process, you must only provide information that is true to the best of your knowledge. Failure to provide correct information or complete the identity verification process could mean that Tappo refuses to provide its services to you. If any of the information we ask you for becomes outdated, you may have to notify us.

          8. At Tappo we work hard to provide a smooth and seamless platform to those that use our service. Still, this may be disturbed where events beyond our control have intervened. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you acknowledge that we are not responsible for acts or omissions beyond our control, including those for which our suppliers or other external providers are solely responsible.

        1. Your Tappo Account

          1. As a business you will need to create an account with us to use our services. Our app interface will guide you throughout the process.

          2. You will need a valid email address and phone number to create your new account and will be asked to generate a password. This will be stored securely within our servers. You should not share your login details with any third parties. To protect your account, your password should not be easy to guess and should not be one you use for your other online accounts.

          3. You will be asked to verify your email. Doing so will help us recover your account fast, easily, and securely, if you forget your login details.

          4. We will never contact you to ask for your password or other login credentials.

          5. You are responsible for any transactions or impact to your business account caused by unauthorised access to your Tappo account. Whenever your correct credentials are used to login, Tappo will assume it is you accessing your account.

          6. Please notify us immediately if you feel your account may have been compromised.

          7. You are solely responsible for the quality, legality and safety of your products and services listed on Tappo.

          8. You are solely responsible for all charges and taxes associated with the sale of your items listed on Tappo (including but not limited to fines).

          9. Tappo’s Services to you:

            1. Tappo offers you a platform to organise and facilitate the dine-in and food delivery & collection services you already offer or may plan to offer. Tappo merely supplies the platform and is not responsible for the use you make of it. You remain responsible for any customer complaints or other issues relevant to the quality of your services. You are responsible for carrying out the orders and reservations received through our platform. Should you wish to use our service to facilitate delivery, you will have to supply your own drivers. Tappo will not provide you drivers for your deliveries.

            2. Through Tappo you can communicate to current and prospective customers, your business hours and days as well as which days you are closed.

            3. You will be able to categorise the food services you offer and manage (add/edit/delete) those categories.

            4. You will also be able to manage (add/edit/delete) individual items within each category.

            5. You can use Tappo to generate and save Quick Response Codes (QR Codes). These codes can be used for your customers to be directed to your e-platform homepage or to make a payment to you with a simple scan.

            6. You can use Tappo to generate and share payment links and links to your e-platform homepage.

            7. You can customise your e-shop profile and include a company banner and logo. You can also display and edit your company name & contact information and manager/owner/other point of contact name & contact details.

            8. When listing items online, you can only include pictures that do not infringe copyright law and that are true representations of your items.

            9. Tappo merely facilitates the execution of a transaction, which is actually conducted by the banks directly through banking apps and Open Banking. Hence, Tappo is not involved in the transactions themselves.

            10. Tappo will give the option to your customers to notify you of any allergies or other information upon placing ordering. It is your responsibility to respect such requests.

            11. The priority with which your business will appear as a search result for registered users is at the discretion of Tappo. We will do this in a fair way to maximise the efficiency of our service for users. The factors that will influence this include:

              1. Your location and the user location, their search preferences, and previous orders;

              2. Your items’ relevance to user searches;

              3. Your history, rating, and compliance with our rules and policies;

            12. You may not be included in certain searching where this is necessary to maximise user experience.

            13. Tappo may display your Food Standards Agency Ratings. We collaborate on a basis of trust and honesty. We expect that all our merchants provide us only with information that is true to the best of their knowledge.

            14. You hereby authorise Tappo to charge commission for every successful transaction. Where the commission due is not automatically paid for whatever reason (including technical errors), it remains owed to Tappo and should be paid as soon as possible and without undue delay.

            15. Tappo reserves the right to update its terms to include charges for additional services. In such an event, an updated version of the present document will be communicated to you.

          10. You are responsible for handling the individual user data we may pass on to you to allow for orders to be completed with the appropriate care, in compliance with all requirements of UK data protection law. Failure to do so would be in violation of the present agreement and you acknowledge that it could lead in Tappo ceasing its business relationship with you. You also acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any charges or fines resulting from lack of appropriate personal data management on your part. Under no circumstances will Tappo and you process data as ‘joint controllers’ or be part of a ‘controller to processor’ dynamic.

          11. Everytime you use Tappo from your account you confirm to us that:

            1. You are sufficiently connected to the listed business to create and operate the business account.

            2. You are legally authorised to access that account.

            3. You are an adult.

            4. You understand that certain technical errors may arise. Where technical errors lead to a loss, you agree that Tappo is not responsible for compensating you. We will do everything within our capacity to fix the error or prevent recurrence where that is possible.

          12. You are not permitted to:

            1. Use Tappo to break the law or in a way that otherwise breaks the present Terms, or to act fraudulently or maliciously,

            2. Violate any third party legal and moral rights in the course of using tappo,

            3. Let unauthorised individuals (whether staff or not) access your Tappo account,

            4. Use Tappo’s intellectual property in an unauthorised ma nner,

            5. Use Tappo in a manner that could compromise or limit our ability to provide our services securely (e.g. intentionally overburdening our servers),

            6. Seek to change or decrypt any information to/from our servers,

            7. Use Tappo if you are not legally able to enter contracts,

            8. Price or list items with malicious intent,

            9. Collect user information without their consent or in any way that violates Tappo’s Privacy Policy.

          13. You may have to compensate Tappo for any damages or losses suffered due to your misuse of our app and services.

          1. End of Business Relationship

        By Tappo

            1. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate our relationship wholly or partially at any time. We may do so if you have breached the present Terms and Conditions, have failed to successfully verify your identity, or where we find there to be a reason compelling us to do so, or where it is required by law.

            2. If we cease providing our services to you,it remains within our discretion whether or not to resume our services or reactivate a deactivated account.

            3. If your account remains inactive for an unreasonable period of time, we may deactivate your account. You will then need to register a new account in order to continue using our services.

            4. We may also suspend our services in the event of a security breach or other actual or suspected illegal activity derived from compromised security of our app.

            5. We reserve the right to suspend, modify, or otherwise not provide all or part of our services to anyone. The duration of this will be at Tappo’s discretion.

        By You

        1. You may end your collaboration with Tappo at any time by deleting the app from your device after deleting your account in-app. If you cannot delete your account or remove the app without deleting your account please contact us at info@supertappo.com and we will delete your account details. Even if you no longer hold an account with us, we may keep some of the information you have supplied us with (e.g. identity verification) as required by law and in accordance with Tappo’s Privacy Policy and Anti-money Laundering Policy.

        1. Before your account is completely terminated or suspended, all fees owed to Tappo, incomplete customer orders, and other obligations must be paid, reimbursed or complete. Should our relationship end in any way, Tappo reserves the right to seek reimbursement for any unpaid amounts and all associated costs of the process for doing so.

        1. Limitation of Liability

          1. You are responsible for the use you make of Tappo and whether this satisfies your business needs.

          2. Your bank is responsible for the provision, availability and security and any additional factor relevant to the Application Programming Interface (API) that Tappo requires to process transactions.

          3. By using Tappo you agree that we have no responsibility for any loss of profit or business, or any business interruption, or loss of business opportunities occurring due to your use of the Tappo app. Tappo also has no liability for any damage to your device(s) following the installation or use of our app.

          4. We are not responsible for issues you may encounter during a transaction, including those that are beyond our control (e.g. technical glitches, failure of banking apps or insufficient funds of your customers).

          5. You also understand that interruptions to our service may occur due to maintenance or system upgrades. We are not responsible for the effect this might have on your business.

        1. Tappo’s Promise

          1. Tappo is responsible for respecting the personal data you supply us with, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

          2. Tappo is also responsible for operating in a lawful manner and fulfil its legal obligations to you.

          3. Tappo is legally required not to violate your statutory rights.

          4. You can contact us at any point to file a complaint with us. If you remain unhappy with how we’ve handled your complaint you may wish to contact the Information Commissioners’ Office, where the complaint regards misuse of personal information (https://ico.org.uk/make-a-complaint/ ) or to the financial ombudsman ( https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk onceTappo receives FCA regulation approval)

        1. Disclaimer

          1. There are no implied warranties whatsoever. You are using Tappo’s services as they are available. You are hereby being informed that the Tappo app may occasionally contain errors or inaccurate, non-uptodate information. While this will never be intended, we cannot guarantee it will not occur.

        1. Changes

          1. Tappo reserves the right to update its software at any time as well as the present terms and conditions. Where this is the case, you may be contacted and notified.

        1. Additional Terms

          1. Tappo operates in the UK and is governed by English Law.

          2. A potential failure on our part to respond or react to your actions will under no circumstances imply that we have waived our rights against you.

          3. You may not assign, licence or otherwise transfer your obligations and rights with respect to the present terms to another person.